Meet the Advisory Board Member: Noxolo Hlongwane

Noxolo is the Head of Philanthropy at Nedbank Private Wealth, responsible for developing the philanthropy offering and strategy. On behalf of the top tier clients of the bank, both high net worth individuals and corporates, the philanthropy offering assists clients who want to give back to society with strategic advice, structuring of their charitable trust, management of the investment portfolio, as well as offering grant-making services.


Noxolo’s upbringing fostered an awareness of inequality and social injustices from a young age.  With the urge to make a positive impact in society, her goal of making a difference at a policy level led her to study Economics, after which she began a successful career in the banking sector. After eight successful years in building her career, Noxolo took a year to do her MBA at the Henley Business School, in the UK. Wanting to marry her strong skills of banking investment with her expertise in the development field, she joined Nedbank, where she could pursue purpose and work in her dream job at the same time.


Working with a philosophy of sustainable and impactful giving, Noxolo has sound advice to those wanting to give back to their communities – start. By initiating engagements with organisations that are making a difference, we can identify where we can get involved with our time, skills and financial resources. She stresses the importance of practising due diligence before donating or getting involved as this allows us to develop good philanthropic practices.

“In the time that we are in, there is such a need for us to extend kindness to the next person – being thoughtful and considerate.”

Reflecting on the inherent African spirit of ‘ubuntu’ – extending kindness – Noxolo wishes the origins of philanthropy, from the Greek word philanthropia, meaning ‘love of mankind’, were more true today, not only about giving money.


The adoption and set up of CAPSI has been so important for the region, helping to get recognition and appreciation for all giving, not just the big donations.

“CAPSI has helped redefine and appreciate philanthropy according to our own terms, in our region – not according to principles and models from elsewhere.”

CAPSI has the opportunity to professionalise philanthropy, providing accredited quality programmes, as well as helping to sensitise the youth earlier on, through formal learning. Translating the research of the organisation into the world of work and business, CAPSI can help businesses to respond to the needs at hand, by addressing the pressure points.


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