CAPSI is home to outstanding faculty members and partners dedicated to teaching, increasing understanding, and improving the practice of African philanthropy.

Groundbreaking research conducted by the centre’s personnel and affiliates helps to create new knowledge and to fill the gap and limitations in existing knowledge.  Our research and that of other academics will be published in our journal and other international accredited ones.

The need for an African Philanthropy Journal

Despite increasing growth and interest, there is currently no journal with a dedicated focus on research and theory in the field of philanthropy and social investment. This growth is also creating a need for more outlets for publications in the field and with existing journals turning away articles due to lack of space, it is African articles that suffer the most in these cases.


The Aims of the Journal
  • Explore this developing field, by conducting primary research on the many forms and dimensions of philanthropy and social investment across the world
  • Promote the dissemination of knowledge, as well as present new empirical knowledge and develop theory in the field of philanthropy and social investment
  • Encompass a broader perspective of this field, by examining it’s multidimensional and multifaceted nature
  • Encourage cross-national and comparative research, as well as interdisciplinary articles, serve as a base for the new teaching and research courses that will be offered by Wits Business School, especially at the Master of Management level

The Scope of the Journal

  • Case Studies
  • Research Articles
  • Reviews
  • Insights gathered from practitioners in the field
  • Special Conference and Event Editions
  • Bi-Yearly
  • Original Research
  • Available in Digital and Paper Formats


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