Philanthropy and Disaster Management Planning: The aftermath of cyclone Idai

In partnership with the Graca Machel Trust and the Mandela Institute for Development Studies

Date: Friday July 19, 2019

Time: 08h30 – 12h30

Venue: WBS Donald Gordon auditorium

Calling regional leaders, philanthropists, NGOs, corporates with footprint in Africa, researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators to join a dialogue where we will discuss how to move forward in the face of natural disasters such as cyclone Idai.

  • How can we as a continent learn from this disaster and ensure it does not cause such massive disruption in future?
  • What are key areas of improvement in disaster management?
  • What was done well during cyclone Idai, what was not?
  • How can we be part of the change and re building process of these countries?

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