Meet the Student: Shaibu Salifu

Meet the Student: Shaibu Salifu


Shaibu Salifu

Shaibu Salifu is a Masters student who aspires towards a career in academia with a focus on research. He wrote a reflective article on what his journey with CAPSI means to him and his future plans beyond graduation.


A lot has been learnt in the course of my studies as a student of MMR. In the academic context, every piece of research has a contribution to make. This objective is achieved when the outcome of research can provide answers to gaps identified in existing literature (problem statement of research). Generally, there are three major tasks in researchincluding what needs to be done or what the researcher wants to do, how it should be done or how the researcher wants to achieve that, and the outcome of what or how it was done.


What needs to be done specifies the objectives to address identified gaps in literature (problem statement). This is normally captured under the introduction of the research work. How to do it specifies the means or medium through which it should be done. That is the appropriate methodology that would be used to achieve the objectives of the study. Finally, the outcome represents the results and discussion of research findings.  Therefore, what the researcher wants to do determines the methodology to adopt and the findings are also dependent on the methodology adopted for the study. There is a social context of my experience, which involves human factors, and these determine the speed and flow of the research work. I have had to learn to take the outcomes of other people’s situations in my stride, learning valuable life lessons along the way. 


My research on the theme “The impact of corporate social responsibility on brand equity of the telecommunication industry in Ghana” will have a tremendous impact on the social investment space through the following:

  • It will contribute to academia as there is limited literature of the subject in the Ghanaian context. It also presents an expansion of scope and length of study. 
  • It presents to the telecommunication companies the strategies of CSR to adopt in order to achieve brand awareness and brand loyalty. 
  • The telecommunication companies will know how to integrate the constructs of CSR in their management plan. 



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