Landscape Analysis of Social Investment in East Africa

Social investment in East Africa is a nascent but fast-growing phenomenon with immense potential to realize the achievement of
the sustainable development goals. It plays a very important role in the financing of a plethora of development sectors in East Africa,
for instance, financial inclusion and poverty eradication, health and well-being, education, responsible energy production and
consumption in the region. This article applies a mixed methods approach to carry out a non-exhaustive landscape analysis of the
social investment market in East Africa with a keen focus on Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Based on relevant literature, available
secondary data and a survey administered to social investors, this article applies the basic social investment market framework to
highlight the dominant players in the demand and supply market spheres. The findings show that the supply of investment
capital is misaligned with the demand from organizations and businesses and demand outweighs the supply.
This article further analyses the challenges faced by the social investment players and also provides viable recommendations to drive
the scale of social investment in East Africa.