Certificate Courses

Fedha Introduction to Philanthropy Certificate

Core Modules

  • Introduction to Philanthropy
  • Finance for Social Enterprises and non profit organisations (NPOs)
  • Principles and Fundamentals of Fundraising
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Business in Society

Elective Modules

  • Digital Technology and Leadership
  • Introducing Community Foundations
  • Venture Philanthropy

Dates: 3 March 2021

Dhahabu Advanced Philanthropy Certificate

Core Modules

  • Understanding and analysing African Philanthropy
  • Resource mobilisation and advancement for NPOs and
    Higher Education Institutions
  • Performance measurement and Reporting
  • Advising Private Wealth
  • Managing Philanthropy Foundations and Non Profit Organisations

Elective Modules

  • African Philanthropy and Sustainable Development Goals
  • Ethics in Philanthropy and the Digital Era
  • Project Leadership ALP

Dates: 14 June 2021

Almasi Executive Philanthropy Certificate

Core Modules

  • African Philanthropy and Strategy
  • Leadership of Philanthropic and non profit organisations
  • Fundraising and Managing Resources
  • Public Policy, Advocacy and Measurement
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Elective Modules

  • Research Methods in Philanthropic Project Management
  • Grant Making
  • Religion and Philanthropy
  • Philanthropy and Sustainable Development Goals

Dates: 02 August 2021

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