Academic Programmes

The Centre offers students a Master of Management in African Philanthropy as well as Doctoral Studies.


MM in African Philanthropy

For the Master of Management in African Philanthropy, the degree involves four compulsory and three elective courses as well as a Research Report.


Core Courses

C1. Introduction to African Gifting and Philanthropy? (15 Credits)

C2. Leadership, Organisation and Management (15 Credits)

C3. Resourcing (15 Credits)

C4. Measuring Performance (15 Credits)


Elective Courses

E1. Advising Private Wealth (10 Credits)

E2. Corporate Social Investment (10 Credits)

E3. Community gifting (10 Credits)

E4. Community Foundations (10 Credits)

E5. Gifting and the Sustainable Development Goals (10 Credits)

E6. The Role of Religion and Belief (10 Credits)

E7. Public Policy, Law and Regulation (10 Credits) [MC2]


MM by Research


PHD in African Philanthropy

This is by thesis. For more details, see admissions requirements.


PhD Workshops

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